Welcome to Thai Knick Knacks!

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Hello and welcome to My Thai Knick Knacks!

Thank you for visiting My Thai Knick Knack page.

My name is Morgan and it’s great to see you here.

I’m a content marketing manager currently learning the ropes in the business.

I was born and raised in Thailand. Totally 100% Thai, city-of-Bangkok girl here.

What will you find here? Hmm …

Traveling stories about all the trips in Thailand.

Cool pictures and painting that I took or recently painted or sketched. I’m an amateur artist and from one of the authors & artists that I look up to, Austin Kleon, says … you must learn in the opened and share you work … that’s exactly what I’m doing.

You will be also find information about content marketing strategy and goodies on content marketing on this blog as well.

Other than that, you will also find cool life hacks, productivity hacks, and creativity hacks right here as well.

Please also subscribe to my updates. You can do that via email subscription on the blog, follow the blog, or connect with me on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. I promise you will never miss a good thing from My Thai Knick Knacks.

Morgan JT

Morgana Jt

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